December 31, 2009

Should Have Known

So the quick-finish project high led me to do something I should have known wouldn't work.

I thought I would knit up another ipod cozy. It would be quicker and easier and this time be for me. So I pawed through my yarn stash looking for scraps of wool. I came up with two different types, both chunky and similar in feel and weight and with complimenting colors.

One, Brown Sheep Bulky, in orange, I have felted with before and knew what to expect. The other, I had my doubts. It was Lion Brand Landscapes. I read the label, 50% wool and 50% acrylic. I started to put it back, knowing that acrylic will not felt. But then, I spotted something . . . a tiny little label that proclaimed that the Landscapes felts when washed!

I was skeptical, but wondered how else they could put that label on it if it didn't felt, so I pulled it back out and cast on.

I cast on fewer stitches for the bulkier yarn and followed the same pattern as before. Finished up even quicker, threw it in the wash this morning, same conditions as the other.

And . . . ick. So it kinda felted, a teeny-tiny weeny bit. It was a fraction smaller and more solid, but other than that, nothing. So I threw it back. Another cycle only helped a little more. So I threw in heavier towels, upped the cycle to 30 minutes, and let her rip.

And the verdict is that the Landscapes does NOT felt, but could be possibly called felt if you squinted and had maybe never seen felt before in your life.

So it was a failure. The resulting bag would not be so cozy for a ipod. It might be cozy for three or four though. It could possibly be used as a bag for something else, but I haven't hit upon what yet. So much for the satisfaction of a quick knit.

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