January 27, 2008

Mid-Sock Happiness

So I did just that. I unraveled them, switched to size 0 dpns, switched to a 12 stitch sock pattern, and recalculated the cast on. And I have the most pretty socks in progress! I am very pleased with them and I think they will be gorgeous when finished. The pretty yarn looks good in the pattern because it's not too complicated or lacy. I hate to see a busy variegated yarn used in an equally busy pattern. So it's simple but elegant. The only worry is the tightness of the pattern and whether it will fit over my foot. I tested last night and it seemed to work with a little pulling and it's always harder when on the needles still, so it should work. I have a few more pattern repeats before I start the heel.

I love socks!

January 26, 2008

New Project: Socks

I started socks with my pretty yarn last night. I'm not sure I'm happy with them so far though. I chose to knit with size 2 dpns, but they might be too big for the yarn. I like a nice tight sock fabric and it's not coming through. I might rip it back and start again with smaller needles, maybe size 1 or even 0. It will take longer, be more tedious, but look better. But 'll also have to recalculate the cast on number, which is always tricky because I'm not great at working out my gauge. So far I haven't had many problems leaving it mostly to chance with a little measuring though.

The finished socks are great, but the real enjoyment for me is the knitting, so I want them to be perfect.

January 25, 2008

Start Keeping Track

I think I let too many knit things slip by without documenting them. I feel sad that I can't recall them all or pull up pictures of past projects when I want to repeat them or do something similar. I am going to attempt to end that problem by blogging them here.

I don't know if I will be any more efficient at it here, but I can try. I have finished several things recently, some of which are gone to their new owners already. So I can't possibly get pictures. But I'll start with things I have just finished this year so I have a set beginning and don't try to overwhelm myself thinking about all the other things I've finished previously.

Starting with the first thing I finished:

A Jayne Hat for Derek
Made from the kit. It was super fun and easy and quick. Her directions were perfect and even encouraging. I whipped it up in a couple days after the New Year's craziness here. I still have it and will be sending it on it's way soon. It is the extra large size to accomodate Derek's enormous noggin. I think he'll love it. Pattern is Heather Hill's Jayne Cobb Hat, knit in Brown Sheep Lam's Pride bulky, wild honey, red baron, and blaze, on 10.5 dpns.

Baby Socks for Catie Belle Newland
I don't have a picture of the one's I knit for her because I hurriedly finished, wrapped them, and gave them all in a couple days. They Are a beautiful little pair. Pattern is the from Hunca Munca Socks. They are knit in Rowan wool cotton, coffee rich, on size 2 dpns. The new mommy seemed to really like them and the fact that I had not chosen to knit her something pink!

Baby Tart Hat for Catie Belle Newland
Finished this one less than 30 minutes ago. I had serious doubts on my ability to not mess it up after I continually managed to increase without meaning to. But I corrected myself as I went and it turned out alright. Not perfect, but I think the extra care means a lot. It's too large for the tiny baby girl right now, but I think the parent's will appreciate something for her to grow into. I chose it to represent Mike, who is a superb cook and baker and often makes tart-like desserts for our functions. Yum! Knitty's Baby Tart pattern. Knit in Rowan wool cotton, bronze and coffee rich, size 3 dpns.

Now I need to decide what comes next. I am thinking about another sweater for Charlie. I also promised Kassie and Jenn fingerless gloves. Those knit up so quickly and I'm very familiar with the pattern, having knit 5 or 6 pairs already. I also have some lovely new sock yarn I bought in Berkeley a couple weeks ago and am dying to use it. So I will have to decide, though I'm sure I will work on at least a couple of those at the same time.