December 30, 2009

Instant Gratification

I so often get so involved in knitting projects. I pick out challenging, or interesting projects, or things like knucks that require a lot of parts and pieces even though I find them simple now. I rarely try smaller things, and I'm not sure why.

I think it might be because I enjoy the knitting process while making the project. So when I choose something more complicated or that takes longer, I get more enjoyment out of it. And when I choose knits to gift to people, I also get the enjoyment out of knitting them.

So when someone knocks me out of that routine, it's quite a change.

Keith came home last night all fired up about a cozy for his ipod. Knowing that there would be hundreds on ravelry, I did a quick search and found a simple felted one. If it's going to be done, it might as well be fun and something I want to work on, right? And because I was still indecisive about my next project, I jumped right in.

It is such a novelty to be almost done with a project within 30 minutes. It was energizing. I wrapped it up this morning, and threw it in the washing machine. I had to do some quick reading on felting in the front loader, but it seemed easy enough. Put it in a lingerie bag on hot with some other items, added a little soap, turn off the spin. And presto, instant felt. I ran it through twice to get it small enough, but the felted fabric was good and thick after just one trip through.

Now just waiting for it to dry before I can sew on a button and make it pretty. Since this is his case, it can't be too pretty, just smoothed out and trimmed up to look nice.

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